Prism Gallery
Client: Private
Status: Completed
Size: 700m² / 7000ft²
Location: Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA

Prism is a new three-story contemporary art gallery located at the heart of the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood. The new gallery has become a cornerstone of artistic experimentation, carving a new niche for the arts in Southern California. Alongside the exhibition space, the gallery also houses a bookstore with a curated selection of texts and products.

The building ports the first facade in the nation to be constructed entirely out of a resin-based composite polycarbonate. The envelope is designed to create subtle sensations by inducing a physical and optical dynamism that both challenges and enhances movement along the iconic Sunset Strip.

The facade surfaces lift up and down, dramatically opening the interior while suspending the building mass over the strip, hence projecting a sense of weightlessness for pedestrian and vehicular traffic approaching from the west. Deeply inspired by the supple forms, streamlined detailing and plastic finishes of automotive design, the facade has a dual aesthetic performance associated with plastic materiality and responsive to its lively context: it behaves as a reflectively glossy surface during the day and as a viscously translucent skin when lit from inside at night.

Prism is considered a must visit destination by the publication Forms and Meanings: The World’s Latest Top Cultural Architecture by Bouyan International Press.

Marcelo Spina
Georgina Huljich
Courtenay Bauer
Marcus Friesl
James Vincent
Matt Majack
Daniel Wolfe
Alex Webb

Partners: Kluger Architects: Chuck Kluger
Consultant: 3-form : Ruben Suare

8746 Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069

+1 (323) 284 8816

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