Prishtina Mosque
Client: Islamic Community of Kosovo
Status: Competition  
Size: n/a
Location: Prishtina, Kosovo

In the ancient tradition of Islam, the mosque is associated less with a supposed ornate tradition, but more with a spiritual and well-defined place for individuals to pray within a large congregation. In today’s contemporary world where religion is often at odds with society, the mosque becomes a significant beacon in the development of a civic identity within the Muslim community. In this sense, the project provides a much-needed public prayer space for the Muslim Community of the city of Prishtina in general and for that of Dardania neighborhood where the new building is located.

As a public building with a civic presence within the city, the new Central Mosque will become not only a religious asset but also a community node between Dardania neighborhood on the south side of Prishtina, and the rest of the city. As a result of this intervention, the new Central Mosque will appear completely accessible to pedestrian activity when approached from Dëshmorëve Boulevard, while still providing an essential and more secluded space within its walls: an open courtyard reserved for devoutness and outdoor prayer and a spiritual ground per excellence.

The public plinth and its fluid relation with the Mosque’s inner courtyard permits a natural overflow during Friday’s prayer. Outdoor ablution fountains for man and women are positioned on the plinth. Seating at the top of the plinth, the volume of the prayer hall dominates the overall composition with its solid appearance. Further in the back, the twisting minaret provides an anchor to the horizontality of the base, and a natural and symbolic beacon for public orientation.

Marcelo Spina
Georgina Huljich
Matthew Kendall
Daniele Profeta
Robert Panossian
Negar Jazbi
Huaiming Liao

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