Mapo Cultural Park
Client: Seoul Metropolitan Government
Status: Competition  
Size: 16,310m² / 163,100ft²
Location: Seoul, Korea

The human hand, a composite of uniquely integrated parts recording history into its appearance, and also symbolizing life and humanity for the future, is a prosperous metaphor for the design of Mapo Culture Depot.

The location and shape of the tanks in relation to the flatland below and the surrounding Maebong Mountain, is reminiscent of the human hand. At closer look, one will discover various traces of nature including seasonal changes, areas of hardened skin, fingerprints, scars, and crease lines. These traces are formed by the mountain’s tenacity in adapting and changing according to its milieu. The idiosyncratic shape integrates future potentials stemming from traces and memories of the past.

The MAPO site is imprinted with the memory of a past industrial and military period in Korea, especially during the Oil Shock period. This project suggests utilizing the existing traces of the site’s industrial past as a foundation and catalyst for generating a new and more balanced ecosystem, one that can resiliently adapt to emerging future conditions and meet the needs of a modern post-industrial and environmentally friendly global society.

Marcelo Spina
Georgina Huljich
Melissa Peter
Sophie Lauriault
Henry Yang
Alex Blugerman
Dylan Krueger
Corie Saxman
Garet Ammerman
Vasilisa Sokolova
You Wu
Diandra Rendradjaja

DA Group
Group Han

Professor Hongmo Yang

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