Mangrove Wetland Museum
Client: City of Shenzhen
Status: Competition 
Size: 30,000 m² / 323,000 ft²
Location: Shenzhen,China

Articulating a direct response to the “Mountain to Sea Corridor”, our proposal aims to connect and integrate landscape and architecture, infrastructure and nature, mountain and sea, into one an urban ensemble that is both legible and accessible to the people of Shenzhen and an exemplar paradigm for the world at large to appreciate.  

Our project aims to stitch together a series of adjacent but disconnected sites, generating as a result an urban ensemble that is larger than the sum of its parts, comprising a network of promenades, parks, elevated green platforms and a unique architecture.  Our concept positions the existing elevated platform as the natural heart and epicenter of the project: a large artificial pond populated with mangrove-inspired islands becomes the natural place to meet as well as a clear distributor of pedestrian movement and activity from in and around the site.

The Museum’s architecture as well as its landscape, allows for its human experience of it to be easy, smart, environmentally conscious as well as spatially and aesthetically engaging. The building is as much a whole as it is part of the collective urban ensemble, a multipart and even playful architectural puzzle which creates a civic aggregate, richly integrated within the proposed urban network of platforms and spaces and with the capacity to relate, enhance and transform the character of the existing context and human lives of its inhabitants.

Marcelo Spina
Georgina Hulijich
Danial Mahfoud
Emily Sun
Wilson Chan

Sarangan Sinnarajah
Cheryl Lin
Alejandro Loor
Elias Ahmadi

Andy Lantz
Katherine Harvey
Mark Motonaga
Joyce Ip
Chaowei Fang
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