Lucent Saddles
Client: Venice Biennale
Status: Completed  
Size: 3 m² / 30 ft²
Location: Venice, Italy

Blurring the boundaries between architecture and industrial design, Lucent Saddles is the outcome of a collaboration between PATTERNS and 3form Advanced Technology Group. Lucent Saddles experiments with saddle surface geometry, non-uniform tiling, lush coloration and figural assembly in the production of playfully prickly and luminous solid objects.

Lucent Saddles were built using Varia Ecoresin®, a material that utilizes 40% recycled content, and encapsulates translucent color and sheer textile. Fuchsia, turquoise, light blue and metallic grey are each used to compose single primitives, so as two neighboring primitives will never share the same color, producing a myriad of contrasting and continuous figures within the same object. Each object is loaded with a single low voltage light bulb allowing them to glow.

Based on a simple logic of aggregation of self-similar primitives, an infinite array of objects can be produced out of a single system. Consisting of three discrete and yet familial objects, Lucent Saddles promotes a unified spatial atmosphere that defy the distinction between holistic and discrete, figure and figuration; with an ever-shifting number of massing configurations, grouping outlines and individual silhouettes. Allowing the user to be able to customize colors, configurations and ornamental features, the project [presently in prototype stage] aims to develop a family of customized objects d’art, a line of products at once alluring and affordable, mass produced yet unique.

Marcelo Spina
Georgina Huljich
Catherine Caldwell
Christine Forster
Bob Frederick
Robert Gilson
Vincent Pocsik
Chia-ching Yang
Daniele Profeta

Partners: 3-form

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