Land Tiles
Client: Materials & Applications
Status: Completed
Size: 25 m² / 250 ft²
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Land.Tiles is the outcome of the research and development of an emergent generation of contour-responsive erosion control and landscape consolidation systems that are highly integrated as well as environmentally sensitive. The temporary installation presents an articulated and contoured topography made of 144 concrete cast and textured blocks manufactured through a process of CNC milling, vacuum-formed plastic molds, and concrete casting. Out of a total of 144 pieces in the installation, 118 are different. Every tile has similar sectional characteristics derived from a process of digital double-pleating a continuous surface and subdividing it so as to produce individual compartments. The inherent complexity of the contoured terrain instigates a dimensional logic of construction so that, through a process of subdivision, each tile can adjust to site-specific conditions while maintaining its prototypical geometry and morphological qualities.

Aiming to manufacture an actively affective landscape micro-environment, the installation includes a circuitry of continuous water flow, which stimulates severe and shifting conditions within the tectonic landscape in contrast with a series of fine furrows of growing grass. The project’s duration of six months allows the structural, surface, and vegetation conditions to be monitored over an extended period of time, thus inducing multiple and unanticipated material responses.

Marcelo Spina
Georgina Huljich
Yasushi Ishida
Matt Luttz
David Lopez

Jenna Didier

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West Hollywood, CA 90069

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