Keelung Crystal
Client: Keelung Harbor Autority & Taiwan Ministry of Transportation
Status: Competition  
Size: 80,000 m² / 800,000 ft²
Location: Keelung, Taiwan

P-A-T-T-E-R-N-S participated to the international competition for the New Keelung Harbor Service Building.

As a result, the new Keelung Service building visually and conceptually connects the city and its hills with the harbor and the ocean. Its contorted shape generates an ambiguously iconic presence on the harbor: at times solid, smooth and monolithic, at others porous, textured and multifaceted.

The New Keelung Harbor Service Building aims to become not only a gateway, but also a destination, a metropolitan space for public use and access to the waterfront. Its massing strategy aims to hybridize typologies. Atop the urban podium sits a contorted crystal, both connected by a large atrium. The podium allows for a new Harbor Park with expansive vistas toward Keelung City and its harbor. A diamond shaped depression within the podium anchors the building in the site, articulating the fork at the corner where site directionalities diverge. In contrast to the more stationary podium, the coiling mass containing the harbor offices is a contortionist: it shifts direction as it loops and folds onto itself, stopping to face and engage the most important directions of the site with hovering projections.
Marcelo Spina
Georgina Huljich
Daniele Profeta
Melissa Peter
Matthew Kendall
Elias Arkin
Viola Ago
Ashley Sholder
Mike Wang

Images: James Vincent

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