Karma Reef
Client: Karma Developments
Status: In progress 
Size: 80,000ft²
Location: Gili Meno, Indonesia

On the smallest island of Indonesia’s Gili Archipelagos – Gili Meno – Karma Reef resort is located in an untouched paradise and the most peaceful and under developed of the three Gilli islands.

With 270 meters of frontage towards the sea, the new resort will be organized around a playful radial configuration with Karma Beach Club as its epicenter. Intending to capture the irreplaceable essence of this small idyllic island, the radiating organization allows for the optimization of individual views while creating a unique feeling of cohesion between distinct areas of the resort. Surrounding its center – located less than 70 meters from Gili Meno Pier – are gathering spaces including the main common activities and amenities such as the Lobby, Restaurant, Bar, shared pools and Spa with a connection towards the sea, as well as an alternated and “natural” distribution of a series of unique villas around it as well as other complementary common amenities connected through internal pathways

Marcelo Spina
Georgina Huljich
Daniela Atencio
Adin Rimnland
Adrian Wong
Fatma Gonca Tunc
Diastika Lokesworo

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