Client: Ciudad Ayala Social Housing Prototype
Status: Proposal  
Size: 30 m² / 300 ft²
Location: Morelos, Mexico

The project promotes the development and acquisition of houses in sustainable environments, according to the economic, social and urban requirements. It also gives an answer to the larger goals of densification by INFONAVIT, job creation, economic growth, design interventions in the context of larger solutions for regional and national demands.

Based on very specific archetypes of the rural housing in Ciudad Ayala—such as initiative, sense of belonging, feasibility, rural transition, maximum approach, sensibility, adaptability and expansion—our proposal seeks to bring the community the possibility to self-build their own houses. Our project focuses on the challenges of having space efficiency, beneficial and distinctive conditions, and growth flexibility to provide a higher quality of life. This is done using a “Shell” that is built during the first stage of the proposal. The Shell provides the flexibility of space through different phases, in order to have a finished and controlled envelope at the initial effort. The proposal seeks to produce a relevant silhouette and distinction within its context, while at the same time absorb traditional aspects and materials.

Marcelo Spina
Georgina Huljich
Daniela Atencio
Dylan Krueger
Justin Tan
Shawna Meng
Mahyar Naghshvar

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