SCI-Arc Close-up Exhibition
Client: Southern California Institute of Architecture
Status: Completed
Size: 20"x20"x20"
Location: Los Angeles, CA

P-A-T-T-E-R-N-S exhibited Fuzzy Monolith at the SCI-Arc Close-Up show in Los Angeles, California. The exhibition was open to the public from March 11 – May 29, 2016 in the SCI-Arc Gallery. Our proposal suggests that as a paradoxical representation model, a "fuzzy monolith" explores complex levels of material and tectonic assembly that are often in contrast with its form. Given the impossibility of actual monolithic architecture, or as we like to call it: monolithicity, its very attempt suggest an internal disciplinary riddle: a dichotomy that can connect issues ranging from abstract representation all the way to material and building assembly. The proposed object combines actual solidity with a changing panelization system that becomes increasingly fuzzy, calling into question the actual make up of this black and dark object.

Marcelo Spina
Georgina Huljich
Daniela Atencio
Dylan Krueger
Anthony Stoffella
Corie Saxman
Claudia Weiner
Jacky Hoang
Henry Yang

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Los Angeles, CA 90021

+1 (323) 284 8816

P-A-T-T-E-R-N-S is a design and research architectural practice based in Los Angeles, operating globally with more than 15 years of building experience.